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Snail Mail/PhoneUpon request.
Social Media
I have a Twitter account, but I don't link to it anymore. Ask.
Public KeyUnfortunately, in my misspent youth *cough*, I was pretty bad about keeping track of my keys, and I never bothered with things like expiration dates and revocation certificates.

Now that I'm even busier (and even less organized), however, I'm trying to be smarter about these things. I have *one* public key, which is directly downloadable here (and can be found on various keyservers saying it supercedes all keys prior to January 2010). I realize that having multiple unusable keys out there sort of defeats the purpose, but c'est la vie. That's the downside of the system.

My key's fingerprint is:
62D4 9320 8618 5C15 917B 72D3 0571 AFBC A549 3553
and can be downloaded here.
(Be sure to verify the fingerprint before use.)

Special NoteDon't send me something which looks like homework and ask me to "answer some questions for you." I will not do your crypto/PL/algorithms/linguistics/underwater-basketweaving homework for you. Do it for yourself. Learn.

Also, if you're a student sending me email stating you want to work with me, please don't call me "Sir" or "Professor". I'm not a man, and I'm scientific staff. I suppose "Ms. Grothoff" will do if you don't know me, and "Krista" is fine if you do. (Also, please have some idea of what I'm working on if you plan to send me this kind of email - I ignore the ones which are generically addressed if they aren't from local students.)